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dog trying to save fishes

This is by far the sweetest thing I have ever seen ever

That’s so sweet but think about how smart that dog is as well omg

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I probably love you too much (c.b)


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I look at you, and I’m home. There is no one else in this world that I feel both comfortable and nervous around, but still feel good about myself. Everyone is either one or the other, and I don’t let people see me the way you do.

Hannah Snowdon Tattoo Appreciation

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 ☽ Little ✦ Pink ✦ Witch lOll3 (2014)

available soon on my ♡ etsy shop 

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If during Beyonce’s performance tonight and she goes “Onika” and Nicki rises up form the stage please take over my blog because I will be dead and meeting Jesus at the gates

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